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Nomination for Nobel Peace Prize
Number:20 - 1
Name:Raoul Wallenberg
Year, Birth:1912
Year, Death:1947
Profession:Businessman and diplomat
Country:SWEDEN (SE)
Motivation:Wallenberg was nominated for his efforts to rescue Hungarian Jews during World War II. In 1944 he established "protected houses" flying the flags of neutral countries, where Jews could be protected from deportation to concentration camps. He also distributed food and clothing to Jewish prisoners and tried to provide some of them with papers and money so that they could escape from the Nazis. Wallenberg advocated peace and humanitarianism through his work for Jewish refugees.
Name:Samuel Bergman
Profession:Professor of Philosophy
University:Hebrew University
Country:ISRAEL (IL)
Comments: The nominator was from Jerusalem. The state of Israel declared their independence on May 14, 1948. Wallenberg was arrested by Soviet authorities in Hungary in Januray 1945. He was sent to a prison in the Soviet Union, and it is assumed that he died in prison in 1947.